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Art Exhibition and Musical Performance

NOTTURNOfor piano and reciting voiceFrom   “The tail of the werewolf”  a tail by Tommaso LandolfiReciting voice  : Beatrice RegoliPiano :  Alessandro CantiniMusic by: Ludwig Van Beethoven, Frederyk Chopin, R. Schumann, E.Grieg, E.Satie, J.Cage, Aldo Tagliapietra (arrangement  by Alessandro Cantini)Texts by : T. Landolfi, R.M. Rilke, G. de Nerval, D.Thomas

From the best pages by Tommaso Landolfi “The tail of the werewolf”  is a baroque desecration, between grotesque modulations and black  atmosphere  of the romantic myth of the moon.When the day has set and stars are like pin tips, le soleil noir de la mélancolie, is impressed in the stellar lute:  the moon  makes her fanciful appearance.And  if the traps of the  lunar energies sometimes  lives us in a plain uselessness of a partial confusion,the tail appears then like an attempt to trap these forces , even if – finally – “nothing can be done against the moon……..”

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