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Concluso Gio 13 Feb 2014Gio 13 Feb 2014
Programma Febbraio

– Programma del mese di febbraio

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Concluso Gio 13 Feb 2014Gio 13 Feb 2014
Ethiopian Screens

Exploring the growing Ethiopian Film production Since the mid-2000s, Ethiopia has witnessed the rapid growth of a local digital film industry which has importantly revived cinema-going culture in the country and created unexpected avenues of economic achievement within the field of cultural production. Films are independently funded and commercially-driven, use Amharic as main language and […]

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Concluso Sab 14 Dic 2013Sab 14 Dic 2013

Inserire qui il sottotitolo 1 dell’evento (italiano) Inserire qui il sottotitolo 2 dell’evento (italiano) .

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Concluso Ven 06 Dic 2013Ven 06 Dic 2013
Photo Exhibition “Italy+Vintage+Fashion+Ethiopia”

photo exhibition .

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Concluso Mar 03 Dic 2013Mar 03 Dic 2013

Italian Film with English Subtitles

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Concluso Ven 29 Nov 2013Ven 29 Nov 2013
December 2013 Program IIC Addis Ababa


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Concluso Mar 19 Nov 2013Mar 19 Nov 2013
Japan Film Festival 2013

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Concluso Mer 13 Nov 2013Mer 13 Nov 2013

Clarinet Cello Piano .

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Concluso Dom 20 Ott 2013Dom 20 Ott 2013

JAZZ CONCERT Enzo FAVATA, Marcello PEGHIN and U.T.Gandhi are very experienced musicians,  highly motivated/sensitive for music. They are often  commented by musical critics as “The Genial Trio” for their two hours of excellent performance of original music, in which  poetry, virtuosity,  energy  and song melt with the sound of milonga, tango and brasilian dances with […]

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