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Premio Impresa E Cultura


Premio Impresa E Cultura

The Premio Impresa e Cultura is a national competition open to enterprises investing in culture. The prize promotes Italian models of cooperation between businesses and culture and the awareness that culture can boost firm’s competitive growth.

The prize, together with Osservatorio and Forum, is part of Sistema Impresa e Cultura, a non profit company that counts, amongst others, international partners as Arts & Business (the British institute for the promotion of linkages between business and culture) and it is member of CEREC (Comité Européen pour le Rapprochement de l’Economie et de la Culture).

Since the first edition in 1997, in eight years of activity 650 companies have been involved in the project.

The winning company will be a juror for the Arts & Business Award , becoming therefore an important player in the connective tissue between people, companies and institutions.


During the 2004 edition of the prize, a new section of Premio Impresa e Cultura has been announced. It is only open to Italian Cultural Institutes. It will award the Italian Cultural Institute which most stands out for its ability of interacting with the entrepreneurial sector by collecting and managing cultural and financial resources of Italian partner companies.

Every Institute provided detailed information about its interaction with the world of business. The Direzione Generale, through the coordination and comparison of the way in which each Institute has reacted to different international environments, has drawn good practices universal principles useful for the entire net.


The Italian Cultural Institute in Bruxelles was awarded the Premio Impresa e Cultura for the Italian Cultural Institutes in 2004 for the following reason:

‘For its competences and effectiveness in getting in contact and developing new businesses to spread Italian culture in the world’.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Bruxelles has carried out a programme of activities to spread Italian culture. Among the most important initiatives, it counts: a series of publications in cooperation with the importation Italian firms; the creation of a bookshop dedicated to ‘the Italian book’ in the spaces of the Institute and the exhibition of art works of the private collections lent by Italian banks.